Our Story

In 1995 my grandfather and grandmother found themselves in charge of a small interpreting and translating agency called Cross Cultural Communications. Starting with only 4 interpreters They worked diligently for many years and in 10 short years they had expanded to over 300 interpreters. My grandmother's focus was in-person interpreting while the written translations was my grandfathers emphasis.

I began working for my family's company at the age of 14 and it was clear that my grandfather wanted to groom me to take his place. I worked in every position from the ground up because my grand parents believed that a good leader is forged in the fire and must understand even the most humble of positions.

Unfortunately my grandfather passed in late 2013 and it was his dying wish that I take up the torch, on his deathbed I promised to take his dream and make it my own. My grandfather didn't want a big corporation that could simply pull in money. He was dedicated to providing the best service at the most aggressive prices. Even to this day I get an email every so often from a colleague or customer that is meant for him, unknown to them that he has passed. It is in the spirit of my grandfather that I have carefully crafted the structure of this company to best serve you!

In february of 2017 CCC and I separated and Monarch One was born, this is a new chapter for us and our customers!

Our dream is to enable you to reach your dream


In 1995 my grandfather had a dream, a flourishing international translation agency.



Meet the Team

the leadership of this company has over 15 years of experience with translations and interpreting. We have spent most our lives dedicated to your needs.

Colby R Bidwell

Founder & CEO

Timothy E Boggs


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